Thursday, December 10, 2009

Season's Greetings

Hello all. It has been a while since I posted anything here and I apologize. The past 7 weeks have been very busy for me as I am checking out everything new to me.

I am now smiling at everyone...well, everyone but daddy! It makes him so mad :-) I definitely already know how to push his buttons. This is going to be fun.

I couldn't have asked for a nicer big sister. She is always kissing me or patting me on the head. I think she is a wild girl, but I can tell she loves me a lot.

Not much more to report for now. As Christmas gets closer, I promise more writing because it is going to rock!

Until then...take it easy everyone.
The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.
~Author Unknown

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Announcing the Arrival of...

Anderson Jacob Baker! By now, most of you probably already know that I came into the world on Tuesday, October 20 at 2:38 in the afternoon! HELLO ME!

This world is pretty cool. Now that I am here, aside from hours of sleeping, I love to just sit and look around and take everything in. This place is awesome. From looking at mommy, daddy, Ella and the other family and friends who come to check me out, I am taking in everything. After being compacted in a small dark space for 9 months, you would be checking out the world too!

So you know, here is what I look like:
Enough from me for now. I will be writing a lot more as the days, weeks, months and years go on. Until then, here are where all the photos are of me.

Until next time...
Laughter is like changing a baby's diaper. It doesn't permanently solve any problems, but it makes things more acceptable for a while.
- Unknown

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey there my friends. I think I take after my daddy...I seem to be a slacker when it comes to writing this thing!

Can you believe it is less than a month from when I am supposed to arrive??? I am stoked! Don't get me wrong, I love it in here, but I am ready to get out and raise some heck. My little sister sounds like so much fun and I can't wait to drive mommy and daddy crazy with her. It is going to be sweet!

Mommy has been taking pretty good care of me. We have lots of good things to eat and she doesn't even mind when I kick her insides all around! When I get moving, I just can't stop. It's way too much fun.

Daddy seems to be gone a lot more these days. I think he might be working, but I don't know. I here his voice every couple of days. Sure hope he is around when I get here! That would stink otherwise.

Well...enough from me now. more thing...did I mention mommy and daddy are pretty sure what my name is??? How exciting. They have been calling me by that name for a few weeks now and I kinda like the ring of it!

I will leave you in suspense for a little longer. Until next time...adios!
“Birth is the sudden opening of a window, through which you look out upon a stupendous prospect. For what has happened? A miracle. You have exchanged nothing for the possibility of everything.”
- William MacNeile Dixon

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello my friends

Greetings all...

As you can see, I have been neglecting this blog like nothing else. You would think I would have time. Really, where else am I going to go. One minute I lay curled up on my back, the next I am sitting on my head with my butt pressed up against mommy's belly! Then back to my back again. Things are starting to get cramped in here. I heard mommy say today that I am almost 7 months along, which means, I think, that I don't have a lot of time left in here.

GOOD! Its hot, its dark and I hate not knowing what all those loud noises are outside. I hear my big sister all the time. Whether she is yelling or crying, being sweet or being bossy, I hear her. Her personalities are so different, I honestly thought I had two sisters at one point. This kid is going to rock as an older sister though. I can tell she is pretty cool.

Mom has been taking great care of me. Can I just say that this woman knows how to eat! I love it. Ice cream, cereal, more cereal, more cereal and a good deal of other stuff. Many, if this is what it is like to be on the outside, bring it on.

I do hear daddy from time to time. I love to play tricks on him already...just like he does to mommy and big sister. Every time mommy tells him to look at her belly because I am moving or kicking, I stop! I hear him get frustrated and just when I know he has looked away, wham, I kick her again. Every now and again I miss cue my kicks and he gets to see or feel them, but for the most part, he is a gullible sucker! This guys is gonna be fun.

Well, enough about me. Mommy just reminded daddy tonight that they have an appointment on Monday for a check, so I think I will be able to post more then.

Until then, here is my quote for the post. This one is for you sis:
Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.
-- Vietnamese Proverb

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bouncing Around

Greetings from the dark inner sanctum of my mother's belly!

Baby Boy Baker checking in here with you after neglecting to check in for some time. Life is good. Things are well and I am growing more anxious by the day to blow this joint. So much so, that I continue to kick mommy harder each and every day trying to bust out. While I seem to be meeting a lot of resistance, I keep trying. Oh well...perhaps I am doomed to stay here a bit longer. I guess there are worse things in life.

One perk about being trapped here is the food. This woman eats well! From seafood last week, to what I can only describe as an orgiastic feast a few weeks ago, I am well fed. Mommy makes sure of that. I am enjoying every minute of the food that is dropped for me each and every day.

Last week was interesting. I heard the family saying they were going to the beach. After what seemed like a eternity squished as mommy sat in the van seat, we came to this place with strange sounds and smells. At first, I just thought I was surfing around inside here a lot harder, but then I realized the wavy sound I was experiencing was outside. I don't know what it was, but I hope we get to go again once I am out of here.

Big sister. What can I say about her? This kid is a glorious mess! I get hugs and kisses from her all the time, in between her tragic fits and screams. Mommy seems to always be on the move to take care of her. Better watch sister...I will be here sooner than you think and then you have to share the spotlight with handsome little me :-)

Well, enough for now. As always, I leave you with a quote:
"A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Now the Debate Begins

So...Mommy and Daddy have two names that they like. Of course, they don't have a preference for one over the other so it isn't making their lives any easier.

They are thinking about the names Evan or Anderson.

Here is a little background on both:

Scandinavian: Manly, brave; variant of Andrew
Scottish: Manly, brave; variant of Andrew

Celtic: Young warrior
Scottish: Variant of John is what I am going to do. On the right hand side of this page, I am going to include a poll. Let me know what you like best and we will see what you think I should be named! Have fun!
“The name we give to something shapes our attitude to it”
-- Katherine Patterson

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boy oh boy!

In case you haven't heard the news yet, because I know mom and dad were shouting it out loud last night, I decided it was time to reveal on of the many secrets I I a boy or a girl???

Well, as my cleverly disguised title states, I'm a boy!!!

A little story behind this discovery. Mom and dad went in for an ultrasound last night. Might I add, if I have to do that again I am going to be very upset. How would you like it if someone kept pushing on you and rolling some around on your head, butt, or whatever. Not the most comfortable thing in the world, especially when it lasts a half hour!!!

Anyway, as mommy and daddy sat down, I heard mommy tell daddy that they weren't going to be able to find out what I am. Daddy was mad. Of course, daddy always sounds mad. It's hard to tell when you are floating around in a gallon of fluid!

So, they went into the room where someone started pushing on me. I already went over how pleasant that is! After about fifteen minutes or so, I could tell mommy got a little emotional. Her heart started to race, so mine did too. I couldn't tell what was going on. It wasn't until later that I heard mommy telling some woman named Grandma that the guy pushing on me typed the word BOY on the ultrasound. Even though he couldn't tell them, he said if mom and dad saw something on the screen, he couldn't stop them! Cool guy!

So, the secret is out. Fathers, lock up your daughters...cause here I come!!!

As always, here is my quote for the day:
“One of the best things in the world to be is a boy; it requires no experience, but needs some practice to be a good one”
-- Charles Dudley Warner