Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello my friends

Greetings all...

As you can see, I have been neglecting this blog like nothing else. You would think I would have time. Really, where else am I going to go. One minute I lay curled up on my back, the next I am sitting on my head with my butt pressed up against mommy's belly! Then back to my back again. Things are starting to get cramped in here. I heard mommy say today that I am almost 7 months along, which means, I think, that I don't have a lot of time left in here.

GOOD! Its hot, its dark and I hate not knowing what all those loud noises are outside. I hear my big sister all the time. Whether she is yelling or crying, being sweet or being bossy, I hear her. Her personalities are so different, I honestly thought I had two sisters at one point. This kid is going to rock as an older sister though. I can tell she is pretty cool.

Mom has been taking great care of me. Can I just say that this woman knows how to eat! I love it. Ice cream, cereal, more cereal, more cereal and a good deal of other stuff. Many, if this is what it is like to be on the outside, bring it on.

I do hear daddy from time to time. I love to play tricks on him already...just like he does to mommy and big sister. Every time mommy tells him to look at her belly because I am moving or kicking, I stop! I hear him get frustrated and just when I know he has looked away, wham, I kick her again. Every now and again I miss cue my kicks and he gets to see or feel them, but for the most part, he is a gullible sucker! This guys is gonna be fun.

Well, enough about me. Mommy just reminded daddy tonight that they have an appointment on Monday for a check, so I think I will be able to post more then.

Until then, here is my quote for the post. This one is for you sis:
Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.
-- Vietnamese Proverb

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